Rockford Speedway Warns Drivers To Stay In Their Cars

ROCKFORD-The Tony Stewart-Kevin Ward Jr. fatal crash over the weekend in New York has everyone involved in racing re-thinking safety measures. Ward was struck by Stewarts car when Ward walked onto the track to vent at Stewart.

There are moments at the Rockford Speedway when tempers flare, but the drivers are warned that they are not to get out of their cars under any circumstances except if their life or health is in danger by remaining in the car.

"Stay in your car if it is disabled on the track or if you've been in an accident," says Rockford Speedway spokesman Eric Huenefeld. "The only exception to that is if it's on fire, or something like that, and you have to get out. But stay in your vehicle first until somebody like our safety crew or a safety crew member can get to you. Then you're able to get out and get assistance getting out . If a driver gets out who is not in the best of moods with whatever happened, you have a couple human buffers there that can kind of play safety in that regard to kind of make sure that people stay off the areas where they're supposed to on the track."

Huenefeld says drivers can be fined and face possible suspension if they get out of line by going on the track or by throwing something on the track such as a helmet.

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