Sheetz Remembers Boston

ROSCOE-Next Monday the Boston Marathon will be run. Roscoe resident Tara Sheetz will be there competing. She was there last year, and she found herself right in the middle of the mayhem during the bombings shortly after she had finished the race. The memories are haunting, but not enough to keep her from returning.

When the explosions happened Sheetz estimates she was only about 50 yards away in the medical tent near the finish line being treated for her asthma.  Her memory she says is "Crystal clear. I can remember everything from start to finish that day."

Her inmmediate reaction to the explosions.

"I had this awful feeling just because it was so loud," says Sheetz. "You could feel everything and you shook. I knew something was very, very wrong. People were panicing and a medical crew ran out of the tent, and within seconds they were bringing in bloody bodies." 

Some of the victims were within arms length of Sheetz.

"We were ordered to stay in the tent and not leave, but within a few minutes of more and more bodies being brought in. I felt I was going to get in the way, so I decided to leave the medical tent," says Sheetz. "I didn’t know what to do where to go. It just seemed like it wasn’t real."

That scene would be enough to scare many people away from ever returning to Boston and having to deal with those memories again. Not Sheetz.

"I feel if I don’t go back they win," says Sheetz. "I don’t want to be afraid. I’m kind of a fighter. If somebody says you can’t do something, I’m the type that says I’ll show you I can. To me I need to go back there. I’m sure it’ll be emotional."

Runners and spectators will notice changes at this year’s race for security reasons.  Backpacks and bags won’t be allowed near the start of the race in Hopkinton or near the finish line in Boston.  Clear, plastic bags will be given to the runners for their change of clothes.

"I’m glad to see they are taking extra precautions," says Sheetz. "Hopefully it will result in a safer race for everybody."

This will be Sheetz’ third Boston Marathon.

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