Auburn Knights Prepare For Season

Athletes all across the Stateline know how important it is to train in the off season. The girls at Auburn basketball camp are working especially hard. The Lady Auburn Knights have been in the gym day in and day out this summer. Monday was the start of their third week of basketball camp. The high schoolers are learning the fundamentals of ball handling, defense and shooting. Not all athletes are this dedicated considering summer is supposed to be a time for the pool and hanging out with friends. But for these girls, it's just part of their plant to be better basketball players.
"This is what I'm used to doing. I've been doing basketball my whole life so it's doesn't matter to me," says Niaja Taylor, Auburn Knight junior.
"It will make us mentally stronger. Physically it will help us because we'll be in more shape than other teams if they're not working out the way we are," says Natashalee Adames, another Auburn Knight player.
"It lays the ground work because there's a lot of girls that don't know the fundamentals of basketball so now we've got girls coming in that don't really know how to do triple threat or how to defend and it teaches you how to do that in the summertime. So our camp is very important for us to teach them things," says Knights' head coach Xavier Hoover.

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