Epstein's Rebuilding Plan In Pursuit

Chicago, Ill.- There are signs that Theo Epstein’s master rebuilding plan with the Cubs is coming along just as he’d hoped. The young prospects they’ve been stockpiling are thriving. And now they’re starting to see some of them in Chicago.

The Cubs might have traded two of their best pitchers last week but it was all for some young guns. Young talent is the key to rebuilding this team according to Theo Epstein. And the young talent currently on the roster is making a huge impact heading into the second half of the season.
“The fact is you can't look at our future right now and not be thrilled. We have top prospects across the board and a lot of the guys we were hoping would step up this year have,” says Tom Ricketts, the Cubs’ Chairman.

“One thing with guys like Riz and Castro is stepping up in situations when the team is relying on you for RBIs and big hits and the maturity of that. So far it's been good. They've had a good start and we're just hoping to continue that in the second half,” says Bill Mueller, the Cubs hitting coach.

“It's a huge accomplishment for me and for my family.I wouldn't be anywhere close to making the team without any of the fans here in Chicago and across the world. People that are cubs fans, so I'm very appreciative for it,” says Anthony Rizzo, Cubs All-Star.

Rizzo is truly moved by the fans support in Chicago. He'll join teammate Starlin Castro at the All-Star game in Minneapolis next week.

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