Oregon Expecting To Compete Again In Tough Conference

OREGON-Oregon was overshadowed last year in the tough Big Northern West by Lutheran, Winnebago and Stillman Valley, yet the Hawks put together a playoff season. They're aiming to do the same this year.

The names change at Oregon, but the mind-set remains the same. Line up, run the ball and play physical. That combination usually works.

"The mentality of the team so far is they tend to enjoy that. They want to try to power the football," says head coach John Bothe.

"Oregon's always been three yards and a cloud of dust," says lineman Frank Lung. "That's how we run the ball. We like to shove it down their throats."

The Hawks will try to control the ball by controlling the line of scrimmage.

"We actually have a little more size on the line of scrimmage than usual," says Bothe. "Now we don't know if we're sacrificing some quickness up front to get that size, but we are a little bigger."

"I think our line is going to be one for the books this year," says Lung.

Lung, Lucas Carr and Matthew Crandall are some of those linemen.

Junior Jerrick Orsted is ready to step in at quarterback.

"He's a very good athlete," says Bothe. "In fact at the end of the year he did some special teams with us at the varsity, and he does basketball and track. He's got a tremendous upside."

Garrett Rude, Chris Jordan and Brayton Finch will get carries from the backfield.

The Hawks are suiting up only 21 varsity players, so depth could be an issue.

The number one thing is keep everybody healthy, eligible and motivated throughout the year," says Bothe.

And be ready for the week-in, week-out wars in the Big Northern West.

"You've got to grind week in and week out in this conference," says Rude.

"From top to bottom it's very tough. You could lose to anybody. You absolutely can not look ahead," says Bothe.

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