Hogs Take A Break

ROCKFORD-We will have to wait until Friday to see if the IceHogs can extend their winning streak. The boys are on their All-Star Break until then. They hope the break won't break their momentum. The Hogs have won six of their last seven games including their last four in a row. And they've exploded for 19 goals in their last three games.

They will deal with the momentum issue Friday. For now the guys want to get away from hockey and recharge their batteries.

"A lot of guys during the break they're going to say off the ice," says center Alex Broadhurst. "It's a long season. You've got to get your rest. You don't get a lot of breaks during the season, so this is a huge break for us."

"I think I'm just going to kick back and relax for a few days," says forward Garret Ross. "You now we don't get too much of a break. Get a little time to hang out and recover a bit."

No break for Brandon Pirri. He's the IceHogs' lone All-Star. He'll suit up in New Foundland Tuesday evening for the AHL Skills Competition. Then Wednesday he'll play for the AHL stars against a team from Sweden.

Pirri says he wants to make a good impression both nights. "I'm sure there's going to be a feeling out process the first couple shifts to see how the flow of the game is going to be," says Pirri. "But at the same time you're always being watched by someone whether it's a scout from a different team, or whatever that may be. So you want to show well."

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