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OREGON, IL-) Some basketball players are late bloomers.  Others are standouts from day one and they just keep getting better. Oregon senior guard Samantha Lambrigtsen fits in that last category. She’s the subject of this week’s Sports Connection spotlight.

Lambrigtsen started for Oregon as a freshman. She made an impact right away helping Oregon win a Regional Championship.

"That was probably my most fun year, because we had two seniors and I got really close to them," says Lambrigtsen. "It was a really special year, because we got a Regional (championship) for them."

Now she’s a senior.  And she’s clearly one of the best players in this part of the state.  She’s a do-it-all point guard.  She can handle the ball, run the offense, take the ball to the hoop and drain three pointers from the perimeter.

"She’s an outstanding athlete," says Oregon coach Kristy Eckardt. "There’s lots of stuff she already knows that we don’t even have to tell her. I’ve been lucky my first year (as Oregon coach) was her first year as well."

As a junior last season Lambrigtsen averaged almost 18 points per game and more than four steals per game.
This season her stats have gone up.  She recently completed a stretch where she scored 26 points, 31 points, 29 points, and 30 points.   She’s already Oregon’s all-time leading scorer.

As a freshman Lambrigtsen was all about attacking the basket.  Now she has an outside shot which makes her even more of a threat.

"My freshman year I drove the whole time. As I got older my opponents knew that’s what I did, so I had to change it up," says Lambrigtsen.  "Now I like to do midrange more and shoot more. I’ve been trying to develop a three point shot."

"She’s a good teammate," says Oregon junior Emylyn Wright. "She hustles at everything. She’s a great shooter. She’s got good dribbling. She brings our team up when we’re down.  She can get to the basket and make something happen."

"She likes to have the ball in her hands and run the show," says Eckardt. "Being able to come down and set up for her teammates and be in control of the tempo."

Was there one moment in Samantha's career that stands out to Eckardt?  "Last year we were playing in the Dixon Tournament against Boylan and it came down to the end of the game and she hit some ridiculous shots like a pullup at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter. When the opponent level rises she raises her game as well," says Eckardt.

It should be no surprise that Lambrigtsen is so talented on the court.  It runs in her family.

"My mom was a point guard. My dad could play point, so I’ve always been a point guard," says Lambrgtsen. "They bought me a basketball when I was two years old. I have family video of me dribbling when I was two just around home. It’s just in our family. "

"I definitely don’t like to lose. That’s how my whole family is. I’m competitive with everything not just basketball."

When she’s done playing ball at Oregon, Lambrigtsen definitely wants to compete at the next level.

"I have a couple (college) offers right now, but I am going to try to keep getting more offers. I definitely want to play in college."

Lambrigtsen is closing in on two thousand points in her career.

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