Young Boxers Clean Up In Vegas

ROCKFORD-There has been no sitting around playing video games this summer for two Rockford boys. Ten year old Julian Lugo and 14 year old Angel Martinez have been working out at the Patriot's Gateway Center Boxing Club. Their hard work has paid off.

They just got back from Las Vegas where they won National Championships in the Junior Golden Gloves competition.

Lugo defeated last year's champion to claim his title. Martinez not only won his division, but he also was named the tournament's Most Outstanding Boxer.

"The fight it's won in the gym. You win in the gym, and then you win in the ring," says Martinez. "When we're heading toward the tournament we train every day and sometimes even twice a day."  

How hard was it for Lugo to win his championship fight?

"It was about, I'd say so-and-so, because I knew that I had to throw a lot of punches, and that I got better over the year," says Lugo.

"They put in the hard work. They earned it," says Patriots' boxing coach Jimmy Goodman. "I'm amazed by how it's all paid off. We come in the gym and we train a couple times, twice a day sometimes. We get up early in the morning, and we go running. They do their sprints."

More than 300 boxers competed in Las Vegas.

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