10 Days In, Obamacare Scammers Already Taking Advantage

10 Days In, Obamacare Scammers Already Taking Advantage

As if the Affordable Care Act isn't confusing enough now comes a warning about scammers looking to pry Stateline residents out of their money.

ROCKFORD- Single Parent Scott Gentz is now eligible for health insurance with the Affordable Care Act. His workplace isn't large enough to offer coverage so he's taken to the web searching for options.

"I feel like I’m in an income bracket where I would qualify for some programs but not for others and it's really confusing," explained Gentz.

Also confusing are the thousands of websites and insurance agents touting affordable health care coverage.

"I looked into getting insurance for myself and my daughter, I’m a single dad and it was going to be over $800 dollars a month and that's just not going to ever happen," said Gentz.

Boone and Winnebago County Health Departments are warning against online and in-person scams.

There are only two websites people should visit. For those who are uninsured start by logging onto http://www.getcoveredillinois.gov.  From there if you don't qualify for Medicaid you’ll be redirected to http://www.healthcare.gov. That's where you'll be able to shop for insurance plans.

Health departments and partner agencies aren't going door-to-door or calling people.

"We are not allowed to even keep copies of anything. So there is no official organization that will be asking for your personal information over the phone like that," said Boone County Health Department In Person Counselor Mary Alice Peterson

In Person Counselors, Navigators, and Insurance Brokers will have a special State of Illinois issued license. Medicare card fraud is also becoming a problem.

"With the ACA expansion Medicare is not changing. People should not be contacting them so if you're on Medicare you're fine, you have normal enrollment periods, do what you just do every year," explained Winnebago County Health Department Grant Coordinator Juliana Barker.

Overall, Official ACA counselors will not charge for advice and neither should insurance agents. 

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