2013 Regional Business Expo Reveals Several Stateline Industries Hiring

2013 Regional Business Expo Reveals Several Stateline Industries Hiring

As the Rockford unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the country every boost to business counts.

ROCKFORD- Business leaders chat at the 2013 Regional Business Expo. The Rockford Chamber of Commerce estimates 2,000 visitors.

"We see ourselves as a regional economy. We want to get businesses together under one roof to have a chance to build opportunities for new business with each other or connect with existing clients," explained Rockford Chamber of Commerce President Einar Forsman.

And any chance to build new business is a positive for the Stateline. Unemployment still sits above 10% in the Forest City.

Businesses passed out pamphlets, business cards, even reusable bags with their logos on them.  Companies at the expor report that networking helps with expansion, which means more hiring down the road.

Dentist Nathanael Benassi says he's done extra hiring to staff the two Benassi Family Dentistry locations.

"Things are on the up, which is good because there was definitely a slump for a little while and I think things are definitely improving. It’s a good place to be," said Benassi.

Don Williams with Rock River Valley Tooling and Machining agrees. He explains there's been a major increase in manufacturing hiring.

"A lot of them are hiring right now. They're looking for skilled people and they're recognizing they can't find skilled people so they have to train," explained Williams.

This business expo is just one way companies can look into training options. It’s a win-win for both employers and job seekers.

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