A Local Restaurant Opens Their Doors for the Final Time

ROCKFORD - Maria's Restaurant will close their doors for the final time when midnight strikes.
ROCKFORD - And while some will spend tonight ringing out the new year -- others spent it saying goodbye to a Rockford staple.

For nine decades, Maria's Restaurant has been serving the stateline amazing home cooked Italian recipes. But all good things must come to an end and the owners decided now was time to close its doors.

Longtime patrons gathered tonight to thank the cooks and wait staff, who to many, are more like family. Kathy Lereux has waitressed there for thirty-six years and remembers the day George H.W. Bush came to eat.

"He was vice president at the time and he was wonderful.  It was a great honor to meet him.  The Secret Service guys were great ... and it was just very exciting."

So many memories... and after tonight, Maria's itself will become a great Rockford memory.

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