As Blockbuster Closes Up Shop, Local Movie Rental Store Flourishes

As Blockbuster Closes Up Shop, Local Movie Rental Store Flourishes

Blockbuster announced they're closing all of their retail stores. Meanwhile, Family Video is expanding with their busiest shop right here in the Forest City.

ROCKFORD- The days of heading to the video store and picking up a movie are alive and well at this family video on Charles Street.

Options like Redbox and Netflix may have doomed Blockbuster, but they haven’t driven Family Video out of business. The Charles Street Rockford location rents out 25,000 to 35,000 movies every month.

"It's definitely our customer service. We are always hiring for fun, friendly, outgoing people. Our employees are definitely what attract our customers to this store. You want to see a fun smiling face," said Family Video Manager Nikara Paganini.

Paganini says low prices and free membership also keeps the business thriving.

"There are so many more choices of movies. You don't have to stand outside in the cold to try to get to the Redbox. There’s a variety of selections of movies here and the service here is just phenomenal," explained Family Video Customer Helsum Cook.

Family Video locations are even hiring! To handle repeat customers like Constance Aiken.

"Coming to get kids movies for my grand kids to keep them entertained," is why Aiken has returned to Family Video for ten years.

Then there are those who don't think outside the Redbox choosing convenience over more titles.

"Actually I stay like two blocks down the road and it only takes about three to five minutes depending on if you know what you want, and it's a swipe of a card and you get back in your car and I’m home in 10 minutes," said Redbox Customer Alonha Mack.

So does the death of Blockbuster mean the end of the video store one day? Family Video believes giving good customer service and people more options than their competitors can remain a hit.

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