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Q Why use a travel agency?<br><br>A. Travel Agencies have the knowledge and tools available to them to ensure that you make the vacation choice for your lifestyle. We have a history with many destinations and can give you a feel for what to expect, how to pack and how you will navigate once you have arrived at your destination. We will take a lot of the hassle out your travel.<br><br>Q Why choose Lindstrom Travel?<br><br>A. Lindstrom Travel has been in the travel business since 1928.&nbsp; Locally owned and operated and passed down from generation to generation the staff at Lindstrom Travel have travel in their blood! Travel is second nature to the staff and helping make your travel an absolute pleasure is all they know. From the money saving suggestions, hotel accommodations to suggested seating on your flight Lindstrom Travel covers even the slightest of detail! With Lindstrom Travel?s rich history and roots in our community we plan to serve residents of Northern Illinois for many years to come.<br><br>Q. Do I need a passport?<br><br>A. A valid passport is required for travel outside the US. The previous acceptance of a Birth Certificate and a Drivers License will no longer clear your international travel. Although a passport is not required on Caribbean cruises we highly recommend them for your travel safety. A passport will take about 3-4 weeks and are valid for 10 years.<br><br>Q. Is the internet Cheaper?<br><br>A. That is a myth. Although we have at times found lower prices on the internet often times they are the same or higher. Another thing that we have found while booking on the internet is a lack of options and flexibility. When booking a trip on the internet you must be knowledgeable at what you are choosing and pay attention to the details in booking. An example might be a flight may be $50 cheaper but it is a 9 hour flight with a 6 hour layover when traditionally the flight may only have been a 3 hour flight. On-line vacation bookings also require ful

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