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<P style="TEXT-ALIGN: center" mce_style="TEXT-ALIGN: center"><A href="http://mystateline.com/askpro-ruzevich" mce_href="http://mystateline.com/askpro-ruzevich"><IMG title="Pre-Paid Legal Services" alt="Pre-Paid Legal Services" src="http://mystateline.com/images/Multi_Media/mystateline/nxd_media/img/jpg/2011_02/b7391085-6d38-10c4-5581-a108fbc58813/raw.jpg" width=550 height=100 mce_src="http://mystateline.com/images/Multi_Media/mystateline/nxd_media/img/jpg/2011_02/b7391085-6d38-10c4-5581-a108fbc58813/raw.jpg"></A><BR><BR><STRONG>MICHAEL RUZEVICH,&nbsp;Independent Associate<BR></STRONG><BR>Hi. &nbsp;My name is Michael Ruzevich, Independent Associate. &nbsp;I want to tell you about an important opportunity that will give you peace of mind and can give you a source of income. &nbsp;When confronted in life we must keep a level head and maintain leverage above the obstacle before us. &nbsp;The answer ? get a lawyer. &nbsp;Get Pre-Paid Legal Services. &nbsp;The most valuable of the services we offer is consultation. &nbsp;For example, have you ever received a moving traffic violation you thought was unjustified or in another State? &nbsp;Have you written or need to revise your Will? &nbsp;Let one of our Provider Lawyers help you. &nbsp;Not only does being a member provide valuable peace of mind, but Pre-Paid Legal Services offers you the opportunity to earn income, gain independence and live a flexible lifestyle. &nbsp;With no obligation on your part, I can show you how to have access to a lawyer and how to be an Independent Associate like myself. &nbsp;Experience legal power for yourself and see what kind of empowered life you will lead. &nbsp;Call me today.<BR><BR>Pre-Paid Legal Services, a Fortune 500 Company, founded in 1972<BR>Priceless service to use in everyday life matters.<BR>Access to a Lawyer to help you resolve issues is only a phone call away<BR>Range of Services<BR>Identity Theft protection<BR>Legal Shield<BR>IRS audit<BR>trial defense<BR>motor vehicle<BR>pr

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