Auburn-Hononegah Preview

Auburn-Hononegah Preview

Auburn will take on Hononegah Friday in our Game Of The Week.
ROCKTON-The Week 5 Game of the Week might pit the best unit battle of the season – the Hononegah offense against the Auburn D. There’s a lot of mutual respect but pride is also involved.

“I think that’s what we do," says Hononegah coach Tim Sughroue. "We’re gonna have to find a way to get it done, there’s no doubt about it. What will help with that is if our passing game comes along. We feel like our passing game is getting better and better and we feel like we can throw the ball if we have to.”

“They’re definitely quick," says Hononegah fullback Jake Wilson. "They gang tackle pretty good. We have confidence in our running game but we can pass too.”

“I’m hoping it’s a wash," says Auburn coach Dan Appino. "It’s gonna be one of those games where you’re gonna have big plays on both sides just because of the nature of those backs and the receivers that are there."

Both teams are 2-2 and trending upward coming off wins. In the competitive NIC-10 conference, moving above .500 is a crucial next step.

“We’ve got some very tough games coming down the road here," says Sughroue. "This one is the first one of quite a few and we need to make sure we go out and play well.”

“Every game we go out as if it’s a playoff game," says Auburn quarterback Christian Lope. "It would be huge for us, and we know we can do it, so it’s just going out there and getting it done.”

Watch for highlights Friday at 10pm on WTVO 17.
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