Beloit Man Arrested After Standoff with Rock County SWAT

Beloit Man Arrested After Standoff with Rock County SWAT team.

Sunday at 1:47 P.M., the Rock County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call at 2232 E. West Hart Road in Beloit Township. 

Upon arrival, deputies learned that Kevin R. Thiele, 29, was possibly under the influence, and had brandished a weapon during a dispute with one of his parents. Thiele would not communicate with responding deputies. Two children were in the residence with him. 

Based on Mr. Thiele’s lack of cooperation, additional resources were requested and the Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Beloit Police Department, as well as the Beloit Township Police Department.  After repeated attempts to contact Thiele failed, the Rock County SWAT team and Hostage Negotiator teams were called out.  Additionally, the Turtle Township Fire Department and City of Beloit Paramedics were also placed on stand-by.

Over the next three hours, Hostage Negotiators worked to talk Thiele out of the residence.  During this time, Thiele was largely uncommunicative, however, at 5:13PM, negotiations were successful in convincing Thiele to release his children and surrender to the waiting SWAT team. 

Thiele’s surrender was peaceful and there were no injuries to either him or the children during the incident. 

Thiele was eventually transported to the Rock County Jail where he will be held and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence while Armed, Recklessly Endangering Safety and Failure to Comply with Officer’s Attempt to Take Person into Custody.

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