Belvidere Dual Language Program Expands

Belvidere Dual Language Program Expands

One school program is now making a difference outside of Belvidere’s classroom walls. Why two languages are better than one in this Stateline community.

BELVIDERE- Side-by-side Spanish and English speaking students learn the day's lesson. Now
in its second year the dual-language program has teachers and parents raving.

"With this type of environment they're learning from one another and students really
learn best from one another," said Belvidere School District 100 Bilingual
Education Director Theresa Lozdoski.

Lindsey Truax's son took part in the pilot class last year; it was something she
couldn't pass up.

"I don't speak Spanish, so watching him say certain things, we'll be driving and
he'll talk in Spanish so it's a shock. I’ll have to turn around and ask him ‘what
did you just say?’ So it's neat to see that," explained Truax.

Dual Language Program parents explain the learning environment opens a window to a
different world and culture. "At home we speak both languages. And for us it's very important that our child is
able to learn, not only at home but in school, the two languages that are a
part of his life,” said Parent Rosa Stach.

The Dual Language Program teaches bilingual literacy 50% in Spanish and 50% in English.
The program has been so successful it has expanded to include Lincoln Elementary School.

In District 100 there are now four kindergarten classes and two first grade classes
teaching the up-and-coming language model.

"The students in our Dual Language Program will ultimately be bilingual and biliterate
in both Spanish and English making them even more employable in the future,"
said Seth Whitman Elementary School Principal Nicole Difford.



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