Belvidere Liquor License Fee Slashed

Belvidere Liquor License Fee Slashed

There’s a half off sale in Belvidere. We’re not talking about new shoes; the city has cut the price of an initial liquor license fee in half.

Belvidere- Michelle Morabito owns, Dicello's Pizza a successful Italian restaurant. Her staff serves up traditional pizza and pasta dishes. The problem is there’s no beer or wine to pair with anything. That’s because a Belvidere liquor license costs $20,000 dollars.

City Council voted to slash the cost in half.

"I was excited, I really was I was like ‘yes’ that'll be doable,” explained Morabito. She believes finally having a liquor license will drive business and raise revenue.
"I will have happier customers. I’ve lost customers because we don't have alcohol. People want to have a pizza and they want to get a pitcher of beer and they can't here," said Morabito.

Mayor Michael Chamberlain says he's advocated to lower the liquor license fee since his campaign.

Chef Terry Meisner has spent decades in the restaurant industry. He believes it's a step in the right direction to spur growth in the City of Murals.
"There are a lot of businesses, a lot of people that would like to open businesses in the community, but decided to turn a different direction and go to different cities because it's too expensive to open one in the city of Belvidere," said Meisner. 

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