Bridal Shop Scam

Some local brides to be are 'stressed out' tonight after learning they may be 'dressed out.' The wedding and bridesmaid dresses they paid for may be gone for good.
Meghan Jamieson should not have to worry about her bridesmaid dresses arriving on time...because she ordered them 7 months ago but now with just about 60 days before she walks down the aisle...Gon Galani dress boutique's doors are closed. “It was a shop full of dresses so its not something that you think is going to happen especially apparently they had a good reputation in Rockford”. Don Galani expanded its Rockford store earlier this year but the space is now cleared of its inventory. Leaving Jamieson and her bridesmaids empty handed…” I just want my dresses i have 8 bridesmaids...my fiancé and i and my parents are going to have to buy them new dresses because my wedding is March 29 th and its not something I want to deal with in these past weeks till my wedding”. The Rockford better business bureau now has the boutique on its radar. They have broken the law for one thing because they have taken cash for a product that they have not fulfilled. They have broken a contract with these people. Meghan’s fiancé Adam says the owner Abraham Basurto and his son Armani Basurto have been lying to them for months. He kept saying that it’s going to be open Wednesday its going to be open next Monday its going to be open this...and it still has yet to be open. The Basurto's policy was payment at the time of the order even though the dresses were not being delivered directly to the clients. They were all fully charged for it and he would not place the order until everyone had paid in full.  With weddings costing a small fortune these days....Jamieson said she wasted hundreds of dollars at Galani's. The dresses after taxes cost around 160 dollars and there is 8 bridesmaids so that is over 12 hundred dollars. Meghan and Adam are not the only ones without dresses for their wedding but there are others in the area as well.” Your not the first second third fourth or fifth bride that has come in here and said you know what my wedding is coming up our dresses haven’t arrived from Don Galani’s”

Reported By Alexis McAdams

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