Cancer Patient's Dream Comes True

Cancer Patient's Dream Comes True

One Stateline man's dying wish comes true this weekend after a little help from a lot of people.

ROCKFORD -- Jeff Hallberg recently found out that his pancreatic cancer's spread to his liver.  There's not much time left and when asked what one of his dreams were, his wife Sarah explains, “Jeff said 'the Bears game--the Bears season is starting and I don't want to miss that.' And that little question is what prompted all of this to happen.  My family is going to the game tomorrow."

Sarah's mother, Alice Uphouse, made some calls to get Jeff on the field for the bears home opener: "Between myself, and [the University of Wisconsin], and a friend of Sarah's from middle school in Florida, now this is gonna be a dream come true for Jeff.

Come Sunday, Jeff, his wife and three kids will be the guests of honor at the game thanks to a willing Bears staff.

Sarah says, “We hadn't told them--the little ones--that they were going until yesterday when they got home from school.  And little Connor says, 'well I wanna go!'  And I said, well no honey, we're all going.. 'What?! You gotta be kidding!'"

It's no wonder Mr. Hallberg wants to be on the side lines for the Bears game. He's got a Bears lamp, a William "Fridge" Perry head band.  They even named their dog ‘Walter’, after the famous running back, Walter Payton.

Mr. Hallberg is having a blood transfusion to make sure he'll have enough energy for the game, because every day he gets a little weaker.  His wife says, "Eventually, he'll go into liver shutdown. And, you know, I got signs to look for…I'm seeing some of those signs now which is really hard. I mean he's only 44."

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