Capron Couple Become One Million Dollars Richer Thanks to the Illinois Lottery

CAPRON - Lisa and Jim Hensley's pockets are a little bit heavier after a stop at a Popular Grove pharmacy.
CAPRON - Halloween turned out to be anything but frightening for a Capron couple.

Lisa and Jim Hensley won $1 million in the state lottery's Halloween raffle ticket. They bought the ticket at the Snyder Pharmacy on Route 76 in Poplar Grove.

The couple just moved to Illinois from Indiana last month to be closer to family, and say this was the best welcome gift they could have ever hoped for. "G
oing to work saying 'Oh I might be a millionaire today', it was always a dream and it made me get through my days at work thinking we could win, and finally one day it actually happened."

The Hensley's plan to stay in Capron and buy a new home.
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