Classes Canceled at Boylan High School, Could Be Sign of Things To Come

ROCKFORD - There will be no school today for students who attend Boylan High School.
ROCKFORD - It's not often school is canceled due to an "Act of God", but that's what one Boylan High School official is calling Wednesday's closing.

Boylan sent their students home this morning after a water main broke.  Rockford's Public Works Dept. had to shut off water to the building, as well as to nearly a dozen homes.  Freezing temperatures are to blame for the broken line.

"we average about 10 water main breaks a month" says Tim Hanson, Public Works Director for the city of Rockford.  "In this case here, we don't know if it's any shifting of the ground because of the colder weather, but as we go into the winter season, with the shifting and the freezing and going into the ground, you're going to see more water main breaks."

Boylan students will not have to makeup the missed school day.
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