Community Baby Shower Items Delivered to Crusader Clinic

Community Baby Shower Items Delivered to Crusader Clinic

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Everything from bibs, to socks. Children were up bright and early at Immanuel Lutheran Church packing items for newborn mothers.


Those items are going to Crusader Clinic. It's wrapping up this year's Community Baby Shower.


Jenny McAdams from Thrivent Financial says "we want to give these babies the best start we can. To clothe them, to feed them, to help the mothers really be prepared to feel that they have been cared for. To care for their babies.


The children were treated to a live performance by The Living Stones, and a special appearance by Kye the Comfort Dog.


It's an experience organizers hope they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Josh Wold of Immanuel Lutheran Church says "being able to come together and serve has brought them together to be able to make new friends and those lifelong friendships and bonds that they have will hopefully last longer then this weekend that they're serving


After a quick lunch break, it was back to work. One by one children lined up to load the truck with their supplies.


Brad Born says it's inspiring to see the hard work and dedication these children have put in.


Born says "it's an army of them. Things get done in like five minutes that would normally take an hour."


The volunteers arrived at Crusader Clinic where they unloaded all the items. They also learned how valuable their donations are.


Betty Guerrero of Crusader Clinic says "to educate somebody who might not know what crusader is, to let them know that they're helping us tremendously to be able to give a new mom or a mom items that they might not be able to have."


Kourtni Anderson of Immanuel Lutheran Church says "even though I'm older then a lot of these kids, I still wasn't aware of everything that was happening in the community, and to know that there's such a big need and that we were able to do just a little thing like give them a gift, it was humbling."


If asked to help next year, the kids say it will be a no brainer.


Volunteer Jenny Bailey says "it just makes me feel good knowing that I'm helping somebody.

For more information on Crusader Clinic, you can visit their website at

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