Coronado Theater Spirited Ghost Tour a Spooky Treat

Coronado Theater Spirited Ghost Tour a Spooky Treat

Stateliners have shared tales of the unexplained sounds of footsteps and whispers in the Coronado Theater for decades and now Eyewitness News checks it out.

ROCKFORD- The sounds of the organ played by Dracula echoed through the halls of the Coronado Theater, 314 N. Main St. Meanwhile, a spirited ghost tour got underway on Halloween night.

“We were in the hall on the second floor where the apartments are and all of a sudden the lights in the hall started to flicker and of course I was wondering what was going on, if there was a shortage in the wiring of that sort,” explained Coronado Theater Assistant Event Manager Carl Ambruoso.

The Coronado is reportedly haunted by its original owners Mr. and Mrs. Van Matre and the theater’s secretary Miss Kileen. Many employees have reported smelling her perfume and the scent of Mr. Van Matre’s cigarettes.

“We’ve had a lot of creepy things happen on the tour usually often times they will smell ‘Evening in Paris’ perfume. It’s not been sold in this country since the Second World War. It comes on very quickly and disappears just as quickly,” explained the Coronado’s Spirited Ghost Tour Director Marty Mangas.

As students from Rockford University scared tour goers, Marshall Blomberg the maintenance man at the Coronado Theater for more than a decade explained he would find his tools in disarray with no explanation.

“The next night I come in and my tools are scattered all over the table and the radio was on the floor unplugged,” said Blomberg.

He had the spookiest stories.

“I got down to the bottom and it felt like a big fan just all of a sudden just ‘whoosh’ on me a big wind. And there were no doors or windows open. I was the only one here and if you worked in here, you locked the door behind you,” said Blomberg.

The Coronado Spirited Ghost tour is held every year on Halloween.
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