Crash Reenactment Shows Dangers Of Drinking & Distracted Driving

Crash Reenactment Shows Dangers Of Drinking & Distracted Driving

A Stateline Mother Shares Her Tragic Story With Rochelle High School Students

Rochelle, Illinois-One-point-six million car accidents a year are due to texting and driving, and 11 teens die everyday.

Brenda Toot’s daughter Chelsea died in a car accident four years ago.

"She had been on her cell phone with one of her friends when she got a text,” Toot said.

It said, “Where ya at?”

It was a text that changed the lives of so many people.

"She was going 45 miles an hour, hit a guard rail crossed over two lanes of traffic,” Toot said. 

“A gentleman from Stockton struck and killed her instantly."

She's sharing her experience with Rochelle students. Everything about the dangers of texting while driving.

"There is no taking it back. There is no way you can delete that text ever again. It’s just not there."

Brenda's words were being heard loud and clear. The demonstration is a visual reminder of what can happen.

"Seeing the helicopter land, and you know just seeing how serious the situation was knowing that there was a fatality, it was very moving," said Rochelle student, Tyler Mollet.

Caitlyn Stanbery adds, "When you are texting and driving and you are distracted and driving, you can hurt more than just yourself,. You could really hurt your family and friends."

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