Crusader Community Health Announces Spirit of Caring Award Winners

Crusader Community Health Announces Spirit of Caring Award Winners

Hats off to Broadway! Crusader Community Health is celebrating tonight to help raise funds for one of their facilities.

ROCKFORD- Dinner and a silent auction sounds like you're typical fundraiser, but Crusader Community Health is also recognizing some of Rockford’s most caring people and organizations with their Spirit of Caring Award.

"What this person or this organization has done in the community to reach out to one other, to express that true meaning of volunteerism and the spirit of caring for ones neighbor," explained “Hats Off to Broadway” Event Chairman Reverend Nord Swanstrom.

Individuals like Katy Stenberg. Stenberg was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodkins Lymphoma. Bouncing back after treatments she dove into volunteering for groups like the Leukemia-Lymphoma society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"It’s wonderful. I was given a second chance at life and I had a stem cell transplant so the lord has given me a second chance and I need to give back," said Sprit of Caring Award Winner Katy Stenberg.

Also receiving the Spirit of Caring Award is the group Carpenter's Place. It’s a group dedicated to rebuilding the lives of the homeless.

"I think the spirit of caring really captures the way that our staff, our board, our volunteers, and our donors how they regard our homeless men and women with whom we work. They really do care about them in such a special way," said Carpenter’s Place Executive Director Kay Larrick.

Crusader Clinic partners with Carpenter's Place helping to provide medical treatment for the homeless. And they're just some of the 48,000 patients Crusader Community Health serves yearly.

"Oh my goodness it's exciting but it’s humbling too. Because we just go to work every day and do what we do, but the most exciting part I think is being here with Crusader," smiled Larrick.

John Mecklenburg and Jane Smith also received the Spirit of Caring Award. Rockford Gastroenterology Associates was presented with the On the Bust Award. 

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