Cyber Monday or is it Cyber Week?

Cyber Monday or is it Cyber Week?

WTVO / WQRF -- If you haven't been able to get to your computer and find all the hot, holiday deals today. Don't panic. Cyber Monday is quickly transforming into a multiple day event.
WTVO / WQRF – We all want to save as much green as possible this holiday season.  The newest and most convenient way to do so is on Cyber Monday. Eric Martindale will shop online this year, “I think the best deals are today, if I’m not mistaken."

But the growing trend is for cyber Monday not to be confined to a single day. Brent Shelton works at the locally owned which finds online deals for consumers. He says, last year retailers saw how excited consumers were on cyber Monday so, “They extended the shopping to cyber Tuesday and cyber Wednesday and now the phenomenon is they're calling it cyber week."

And Shelton says online shoppers have a lot more great deals to come: “7 out of the 10 busiest online shopping days last year happened in December. And this year with Cyber Monday on December 2nd, it'll probably be 8 out of 10 and the other 2 will be thanksgiving and Black Friday."

Fatwallet's Neil Bloom expects more shoppers to partake in cyber week in the future, “I think people are becoming much more aware as every year goes on of online shopping and how it's more convenient than standing out on Black Friday--freezing and standing in line for hours on end.

But some folks--like Lafonda Richardson--enjoy the experience of in-store holiday shopping, “I will more than likely shop throughout the week, because my mother and I love to shop together."

So whatever you're looking for, you're likely to find it marked down not just on Cyber Monday--but for the entire week.
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