Anti-puppy mill ordinance in Winnebago

A possible new ordinance in Winnebago County could implement regulations on people who try to bread animals in large quantities for profit.

WINNEBAGO- For years the idea of implementing regulations on people who run puppy mills in the Stateline has been a concern for members of the Winnebago County Board. However, until recently things started moving forward when Chicago passed their own anti-puppy mill ordinance this month.

County officials worry about whether or not some pet stores are working with these places, and the conditions the pets live in. Many think that those places don’t have the best well being of the animals in mind.

Elected officials are waiting on an evaluation from the Winnebago State's Attorney to see whether or not an ordinance can be presented in the coming months. It’s possible that they might have to lobby legislators in Springfield in order to implement a legislation of this nature in the county.

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