Bears Fantasy Forecast 11/09/12

Here's our latest fantasy report involving the Bears and the Texans game this Sunday.

Huge matchup between two of the NFL's best teams, as the Bears take on the Texans this Sunday night.

For the Bears, I like Cutler, Forte, Marshall, Gould and their D as starters.

For the Texans, Foster, Andre and Owen Daniels go in your lineup this week.

Even though both teams have good defenses, each offense has superstar quality players that can get you fantasy points.

Cutler won't go off this week, but he should still get around 250 and a score or 2. Over the past 5 weeks, Houston is giving up the 11th most points to fantasy QBs. It'll be a tough matchup, but he can be the player who gets you the win since he plays Sunday Night.

Forte has a horrible matchup against Houston, as they haven't given up a rushing TD this season and they give up very minimal fantasy points to opposing RBs, but Forte has been hot and I think he will get the 1st running TD against a stout Houston D. Should bring in around 70-80 and 1.

BMarsh has been a stud recently so you can't sit him. The Texans alreayd said they'll double cover him every play, so he won't get a huge play, but he should get plenty of looks and run some curls, ins and outs to get his stats.

With both teams having great defenses, a lot of drives should stall, which is good for you and your fantasy team as FGs count for more than XPs.

The Bears D has been insane lately and are a must-start, regardless of matchup.

On the other side of the field now, Matt Schaub should have a rough game as the Bears pass D is the best in the league and Peanut says he's playing, so start someone else.

Even though the Bears also have a very good rush D, you drafted Foster #1 overall, so he plays, end of story.

Even with Peanut on Andre, he should get his. The Bears will play their number Tampa 2 D and 'Dre is a great route runner and will find the holes in that zone and get you 7-85 and maybe a score this week. Also, he's been a different player away from home this year (not in a good way), so keep that in mind.

Owen Daniels should have quite a nice game for Houston this week. With Peanut on 'Dre and Briggs/Urlacher focused on Foster, Daniels should have the middle of the field to work with. He's scored in back-to-back weeks and I like him the most to get one through the air on this team this week. Unless you have Gronk/Graham...Owen should play.

Again, this is a SNF game, so you can either build on your lead or come back from being down with these players in your lineup...good luck!!

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