Bears Fantasy Preview

Fantasy football fans should be high on the Bears says Scott Leber.

Rockford, Illinois-We all know there are two football seasons.  The real thing and the fantasy football season.  How do the Bears players rate when it comes to that second one?  

If you're a fantasy football player, you want to be a buyer this year when it comes to the Bears.   This team finally has some play-makers who can move the ball and put points on the board.

Start with Brandon Marshall.  He should be very high on your list of wide receivers this year.  He's one of the most consistent receivers in the NFL.  The last five years he's had more than 1,000 yards receiving, and that's with some shoddy quarterbacks throwing him the ball.  Imagine what he'll do now that he's reunited with Jay Cutler.  I'd be all over him in my fantasy draft.

You can't go wrong with Matt Forte either.  He'll get you yards rushing, and lots of yards receiving.  The only downside with him is he might not score a lot of touchdowns since banger Michael Bush might be the guy the Bears call on in the red zone this year.

Jay Cutler wouldn't be one of my top three or four quarterback picks for fantasy, but the price for guys like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady might be too high.  If so go for Cutler.  With some weapons around him this year and more freedom to audible his final stats are certain to be impressive.

And if your fantasy league has special teamers...Devin Hester's a no-brainer.  Despite the fact he's approaching 30, he's still the most explosive punt returner in the NFL.  He just won't get many chances to return kickoffs.

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