Bears To Diversify Offense 10/4/12

Mike Tice and the Bears hope to get more people involved in the Bears offense.
Lake Forest, Illinois-The Bears got star receiver Brandon Marshall to be their go-to weapon on offense, but not their only weapon.

But a quarter of the way through the season it's Marshall with over a third of the team's receiving yards, and two of Cutlers five passing touchdowns.

"Teams are gong to try to take B away, and just make other guys make plays," says Jay Cutler. "I think that's going to be the philosophy behind that. They're going to bet that defensively they can cover those other guys and not let B beat them."

Devin Hester made his presence known with a 34 yard touchdown catch in Dallas Monday. He's just one of several players on offense whom the Bears think they can utilize better.

"I really feel like we have an explosive player there," said offensive coordinator Mike Tice. "When we're going to get certain coverages there we need to take advantage of that with him."

One problem you won't see plaguing the offense is jealousy. Although the unit is filled with talented players winning takes priority over individual stats.

"We check our egos at the door," said Marshall. "Whether it's the coaches or the players, we're all in this thing together. We all have the same common goal.
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