Considine Shares Super Bowl Insights

Byron's Sean Considine tells Eyewitness News what it's like going through Super Bowl week.
ROCKFORD-There’s nothing like Super Bowl week for the players and coaches involved in it.  If anyone in the Stateline knows what that’s like it’s Sean Considine.  The Byron resident was on the Ravens Super Bowl Championship team just last year.  He re-lived that experience with Eyewitness News this week and shared some of what the Broncos and the Seahawks are experiencing.

Considine isn’t in New York this week, but he has a good idea of what it’s like.

"There’s a lot going on in New York City this week," says Considine. "The things I went through in New Orleans with the Super Bowl last year were unbelieveable. There’s a lot to manage as a player."

Like the media coverage, a full week of staying in a hotel and being away from their normal practice facility, and juggling family members who also get to attend Super Bowl week with the players. Considine says the key is to stay focused on the game.

"There’s a game to play and you have to perform. That was a main topic of conversation all week from the coaches is to stay focused on what we’re down here to do," says Considine of his trip to New Orleans.

Considine says the best thing the players can do during Super Bowl week to avoid the distractions is to spend a lot of time in the film rom.

"Our hiding place and the way to get away from that type of distraction was to watch film and get with your teammates and get in meeting rooms and spend time preparing."

Considine says when he woke up on Super Bowl Sunday he tried not to think, at that point, about the magnitude of what was about to happen in a matter of hours.

"I didn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about what we were going to do and the ramifications of a game like that," says Considine.

But when game time came it was a different story.

"There was a lot more adrenalin," says Considine. "You know that national anthem before the Super Bowl, as much as I tried to not think about what was going on that was a heck of an experience. There were a lot of emotions. I was feeling priveledged to be there to have the opportunity to be on that field for that game."

So who will Considine be rooting for this Sunday?

"I’m going to be pulling for Denver. I think what Peyton Manning is doing at his age and just the way he plays the game and his intelligence. I have a lot of respect for what he does. I’ve got a couple other close ties to that team, and I’m really pulling for those guys."

Considine says playing this Super Bowl outdoors in the cold should be much of a factor for the players, because they’ll be focused on the things that they can control and not the weather.
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