'Chick-fil-a' Wants You to Dust Off the Old Cow Outfit

People who show up fully dressed as a cow today get a free meal. Those partially dressed up get a discount.
ROCKFORD -- If you've been looking for a reason to wear that old cow outfit you have in your closet (and who doesn't have one), Chick-fil-a says today is the day.

All day Friday, anyone who shows up fully dressed as a cow will get a free meal, while those wearing cow accessories will get a discounted meal.

It's part of the chain's 'Cow Appreciation Day,' a play off the Chick-fil-a ads which feature 'spelling-challenged' cows with signs which read 'Eat Mor Chikin.'

What is exactly is 'fully dressed' as a cow?  According to the fast food chain's website, it means "effort to be dressed like a cow from head to toe. "Partial cow attire" means just a cow accessory, such as a cow-printed hat, vest or purse. People dressed in partial attire will be awarded an entrée vs. a full Meal."
Guests partially dressed as a cow get a free entree.

For more details, click on the link below.

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