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<img src="/images/Multi_Media/mystateline/nxd_media/img/jpg/2007_03/1df788d8-4a5d-2bf4-7590-946506efc910/raw.jpg" alt="DanaArquilla_sm2007-03-02-1172860064.jpg" style="border-width: 1px; width: 100px; height: 130px" align="left" border="1" height="130" width="100" />Dana Arquilla joined the WTVO news team in November 2006 as the anchor of Daybreak. It&#39;s her first time living up north--she grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and has been reporting at WJHG in Panama City, Florida.
Dana Arquilla joined the WTVO news team in November 2006 as the anchor of Daybreak.  "It is an honor to host a show as dynamic as Daybreak," Dana says.  "Along with bringing the freshest news of the day to our viewers, we incorporate cooking, pet-adoption, gardening, and weekly fitness segments that (we hope)  makes waking up early a little bit more fun for our viewers!"
Along with Daybreak, Dana worked with the station's executives to launch a Health Alert segment, which can be seen every weekenight at 5:00 and 10:00. 
Although she has a lot of family scattered throughout Illinois (Go Bears!), it's her first time living up north.  Dana grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where she grew up on shrimp, grits, and fried okra.  She left the Palmetto State for the Sunshine State, and started her reporting career at the NBC affiliate, WJHG in Panama City, Florida.

Dana has covered hundreds of stories over the years--including the record-setting hurricane season in 2005, double shark attack incidents in the panhandle, and a report that led to the arrest of a landlord who was planting hidden cameras in his tenants' bathrooms. 

Dana graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunications and an outside concentration in Business Administration. She began her career in broadcast journalism after interning at CNN in Atlanta. She went on to work at WCJB/TV 20 News in Gainesville as an associate producer and assignment editor. Dana started on-air reporting at WUFT-TV and worked at the NPR and CBS radio affiliates in college.   One of her proudest accomplishments was winning the Pilot Program as an intern at the NBC New York Bureau--her group's program proposal was chosen out of hundreds, and earned top praise from network executives.
When Dana is not on air, she enjoys scrap-booking, cooking, traveling, playing with her pug (named Botox), and spending time with her biggest fans--her mom, dad, and brother Eric.

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