Department Contacts

Department Contacts

<strong>Department Contacts</strong><br><a href="" mce_href=""><br>News Desk</a><br>815-968-4575<br><a href="" mce_href=""><br>Weather Desk</a><br>815-968-5909<br><a href="" mce_href=""><br>Sports Desk</a><br>815-968-4579<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href="">Colin Clarke<br></a>Webmaster<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href="">Shawn Anderson</a> <br>Creative Services Director<br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href=""><br></a><a href="" mce_href="">Mike Real</a><br>Chief Engineer<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href="">Cindy Hodges<br></a>Business Manager WQRF<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href="">Jose Cabezas <br></a>Programming / WQRF<br><br><a href="" mce_href="">Eileen Boucek</a><br>Station Manager&nbsp; / Programming WTVO<br><br><a href="">Nicholas Capriola</a><br>WTVO Sales Manager<br><br><a href="">Heather Lalor</a><br>WQRF Sales Manager<br><br><a href="">Alex Wolf</a><br>eMedia Manager<br><br><a href="">Kelly Lattimer</a><br>General Sales Manager<br><br><a href="">Scott Picken</a><br>News Director<br><br><a href=""><span>Jon Skorburg</span></a><a href="" mce_href=""><br></a>Vice President / General Manager&nbsp;WQRF and providing management services to WTVO
Department Contacts

News Desk


Weather Desk


Sports Desk


Colin Clarke

Shawn Anderson
Creative Services Director

Mike Real
Chief Engineer

Cindy Hodges
Business Manager WQRF

Jose Cabezas
Programming / WQRF

Eileen Boucek
Station Manager  / Programming WTVO

Nicholas Capriola
WTVO Sales Manager

WQRF Sales Manager

Alex Wolf
eMedia Manager

Kelly Lattimer
General Sales Manager

Scott Picken
News Director

Jon Skorburg
Vice President / General Manager WQRF and providing management services to WTVO
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