Hot Shots Friday

From a huge snake found inside a car engine to a world cup soccer game played by elephants, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
Check out what this New Mexico driver found when they popped open the hood. A 20 pound 7-foot python. An officer took the snake off the engine and baby sat it until animal control arrived. Police say it's probably someone's pet.

The world cup has everyone thinking about soccer, even members of the animal kingdom. Look at these jumbo elephants in Thailand. One represents Germany, the other Argentina. If this elephant contest is any indication, Germany should win Sunday's final. The German elephant came out on top three to zero.

What a cutie! Baby Artie is the first orangutan born through invetro reproduction. He's the newest addition to a zoo in Connecticut. Artie and mom Maggie are doing better than doctors ever expected. Medical specialists say this is a breakthrough in the fight to preserve the endangered species.

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