Hot Shots Tuesday

From a man nearly being killed by a train caught on tape to amazing video of a semi-truck overturning on a bridge, here's tonight's Hot Shots.
A close call caught on tape. Watch closely as a man nearly gets killed by an oncoming train. This happened in California. The man runs across the track, coming inches away from getting hit.

Incredible video of a semi-truck overturning on an Idaho bridge from 60-mile-per hour wind gusts. Incredibly state police say no one was injured.
The wind storm caused widespread power outages, toppled trees, and even canceled a St. Patricks day parade.

It may be the oddest spring ritual on the planet. In India people throw paint at eachother! The Hindu festival of colors is a mix of singing, dancing and face paint. They celebrate by throwing paint and water all over eachother-- and the brighter the better!

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