Hot Shots Wednesday

From a very strange world dominoes record to a tumbleweed takeover of one small town, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.
Books are for more than just reading. College students in Poland setting the world record for largest domino chain, with books! They made the chain using 4-thousand 998 books like dominoes, beating the old record by 153 .

Colorado residents are experiencing a tumbleweek onslaught. They're stacking up along fences, cars, even homes. It's so bad, some residents can't get out of their driveways. Locals are using pitchforks to clear what they can.

Finally incredible video of a pick-up truck gone airborne, nearly taking out an Iowa state trooper. The trooper and a sheriff's deputy were investigating a crash when a semi-truck rear-eneded the pick-up, sending it flying toward the officers. The trooper was treated for minor injuries.

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