Illinois Students Wanting to Take the College ACT's May Have to Pay for It

State school board says it costs about $14 million each year to administer test to all high school juniors.
SPRINGFIELD -- High school juniors, bound for college, could be forced to pay a fee if they want to take the ACT. The State Board of Education is debating whether or not to continue paying it or pass the fee onto students and families.

The cost of the test is high; about $14 million for the 2-day exam. Plus, the test is getting phased out as the state prepares to take up the PARCC Assessment. Officials with ISBE say ACT lets students know if they have to take remedial courses in college, however, PARCC is supposed to help students get on track for college earlier. So, they say it might not be needed.

Those are just some of the reasons ISBE is considering passing that $50+ fee onto students and families. As of now, the ISBE has the covered in next year's budget. But after that, it's still not known if they'll cover it for all high school juniors.

If officials decide to quit covering it, they may consider vouchers for low-income students so they can still make it available to families who can't afford to pay.
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