Forreston Football Preview

Peter Fleischer previews the Forreston Cardinals.
Forreston, Illinois-Just watching a Forreston scrimmage you can tell the Cardinals return a lot of talent. Quarterback Robert Devries and running back Ross Williams head a backfield that has a handful of playmakers with game-changing ability.

"We'll have a rotation of backs and hopefully we can mix up the carries so that everyone is about equal," says head coach Denny Diduch.

"If that first person gets tired, the next person can come in," says Williams. "So we just have fresh legs all the time."

The skill is matched by experience in Forreston with a seasoned group. The Cardinals have done more sooner than teams like last year's 9-3 unit could handle.

"We know what to do. We ran all the same plays last year," says Williams. "We're just all around more experienced."

"All the little things are taken care of now. We're not having execution mistakes. We're not having fumbled snaps. We're not worried about things that in the past we've had to worry about at this piont in the year."

When you get to the playoffs or routinely advance in the playoffs every season 'special' is a relative word. But when the Cardinals say they've got something special they mean championship special.

"We're very confident. We think we can go further than last year and hopefulyl straight to state," says Williams.

"I feel like everything has gone our way,' says lineman Dustin Groen. "We all worked hard in the weight room, so we're all strong, and we're all fast. So it's going to be a good year."
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