Pinkwashing Scam Targets Shoppers

Pinkwashing Scam Targets Shoppers

The Better Business Bureau warns shoppers to check whether pink themed products really supports breast cancer causes.

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and you're starting to see pink everywhere. But while you're showing your support, remember just because you see a pink ribbon doesn’t mean you can always trust marketable products. Consumers are being warned of a new scam called "Pinkwashing." Companies package their products in pink, but pocket all of the cash instead of giving some proceeds to worth organizations. Rockford Better Business Bureau President Dennis Horton says
this practice is most common during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"People are thinking that they are making a donation to a great cause and find out the money that has been collected hasn't gone to anyone other than to the business or to the individual, Horton said."

Shoppers can check reputable companies through the Better Business Bureau.


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