Rookies Ready For Indy

Seven rookies will turn their first laps at Indy Sunday.
INDIANAPOLIS-Sunday seven rookies will take the track for the Indy 500. Tuesday was also a day for rookies. They were recognized at a rookie luncheon at the Indy Motor Speedway.

There's a few rookie here that don't deserve to be called rookies. Kurt Busch for example according to Martin Plowman.

"Kurt's old enough to be my dad almost," says Plowman.

Busch, the fastest rookie, qualifying 12th was not at Tuesday's Luncheon because of media obligations in New York. He
is joined in the field by Mikhail Aleshin the first Russian Driver in the Big Race.

"It's very hard when you do your first oval race straight to the 500,but we have a good team," says Aleshin.

With A.J. Foyt's Team Plowman starts 29th finally, as he says, fulfilling a dream. The 26-year-old who has lived in Indy the past five years gets his shot in what is an endurance race.

"The number one goal is survival," says Plowman. "As long as i can stay in the race, be there for the final 50 laps,
that's when it really starts."

It ends at victory circle where it's tradition that the winner receives a bottle of milk. A tradition going on consecutively for 59 years.

RookieSage Karam is trying to go from 20-13 Indy Lights Champ to 500 champ, and he thinks therRookies are more aggressive than the veterans. The rookies are out to prove they belong.

"They like seeing the yellow strip indicating a rookie," says Karam. "We like to bring excitement because we like to mix it up a bit more."

Catch the Indy 500 Sunday on WTVO at 11 a.m. The pre-race coverage will begin at 10 a.m.

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