Roscoe Museum Shows off Authentic JFK Memorabilia

Roscoe Museum Shows off Authentic JFK Memorabilia

Historic Auto Attractions shows off cars that were there the day President John F. Kennedy was assasinated.
Roscoe- The Historic Auto Attractions in Roscoe has more then 400 pieces of John F. Kennedy Memorabilia.

Owner Wayne Lensing says “it gives me a great feeling to let the visitors come in and enjoy themselves, to see this great collection.”

Part of the collection includes the American flag that was draped over Kennedy’s casket, and the car that was behind Kennedy when he was assassinated. In front of the car is a wax figure of John and his wife Jackie.

Also there is the taxi Lee Harvey Oswald used to attempt to get away, and the ambulance that drove him to the hospital when he was shot.

The museum is open until 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday. It’s located at 13825 Metric Drive in Roscoe Illinois.

For more information you can head to their website
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