Seat Belt Violation Leads to Rock County Drug Bust

Seat Belt Violation Leads to Rock County Drug Bust

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Friday, William F. Buchko, age 45 was arrested after police seized one pound of marijuana from the car he was traveling in.


Buchko was arrested and transported to the Rock County Jail on possession with intent to deliver THC. Saturday the officers obtained a search warrant for a residence in the 3300 block of Riverside Drive.

The search netted the seizure of marijuana, mushrooms and drug paraphernalia.


The owner and occupant of the house Kyle Gronau, age 28 was arrested and charged with intent to deliver THC within one-thousand feet of a park.


Police also seized 1,563 grams of THC, 7 grams of Mushrooms along with items used to package, sell and consume THC.


Buchko and Gronau are currently being held at the rock county sheriff's office.Their initial court appearance is scheduled for Monday.  


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