Transform Rockford Lays Out the Community's Vision for Success

'Community Vision Rally' marks next big step in Transform Rockford process.
ROCKFORD -- As people packed Coronado Theatre, 'Transform Rockford' Executive Director Mike Schablaske walked onto the stage.  "I'm excited about what we're going to show you tonight," he told the crowd.
The 'Transform Rockford Community Vision Rally' at times looked like a show, complete with a short film and even an artist delivering poetry, but the real reason for this meeting speaker David Sidney told the crowd was one thing.  "We are here tonight to reveal the vision."

That included a vision intro, vision draft, and 12 aspirational goals for a transformed Rockford.

The Vision Intro -- "We are a top 25 community where our people are engaged, inspired and leading successful and fulfilling lives"
The Vision Draft -- "Our community is recognized as one of the very best regions to live in the U.S., crime free culture and delivering an excellent education to all of our children with an agile and vigorous economy, drawing people to locate in our region."

And 12 aspirational goals for a better Rockford including a safer Rockford, a Healthier Rockford and a better educated community.

"Isn't this what we want for our community?" Sidney asked to the audience's applause.

With a vibrant economy with good jobs, better planning for a successful future where government and organizations work together in alignment with the community vision.  A community focused on quality with an excellent physical infrastructure, engaged families and vibrant neighborhoods led by respected leaders who cultivate our youth -- with plentiful arts and recreation and community which has unity, pride, and culture.

The session was followed by details on the process by which the vision would be refined and achieved, a complicated organizational structure which strove to include community leaders and volunteers with consistent feedback from citizens.
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