Transform Rockford's Rally At The Coronado Theatre Is Still The Buzz On The Streets

Rockford- Transform Rockford's rally last night is still the buzz on the streets.
It was a packed house at the Coronado Theater last night. Stateliners were very excited to hear that a plan is underway to transform Rockford. 

"I believe the Transform Rockford vision yesterday was outstanding," said Rev. Dr. Kenneth Board at Pilgrim Baptist Church. 

"We had a great rally last night we had a great turnout really wonderful enthusiasm in the room and energy," said Mike Schablaske, Executive Director of Transform Rockford. 

I hit the streets to find out what stateliners want Transform Rockford's priority to be and they said: 

"I think Transform Rockford's priority should be focusing on families and neighborhoods," said Board. 

"They should focus really on three things in my perspective they need to focus on family, education and safety," said Christian Solares, a Rockford resident. 

Both Board and Solares say Rockford is suffering from a family crisis, meaning many families are being broken apart, often times when parents split up. 

"I think unless we address the family and neighborhoods these other impact statements are going to be pretty hard to accomplish," said Board.

For now, Transform Rockford leaders haven't said what they'll target specifically next. But, with more feedback from the community, they'll start developing that plan.

"Did we hear the vision? I think the feedback is pretty clear already that we did pretty well on that. We're going to continue to take feedback here for the next several weeks. Give people a chance before we go too far too fast," said Schablaske. 

"Transform Rockford is still in the planning stages it seems like. I hope something good comes out of it. I'm really looking forward to the changes," said Solares.
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