Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits Beloit College

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin Visits Beloit College

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It's Graduation day at Beloit College. Loved ones snapping photos and cheering. Students receiving their diploma. An unforgettable moment for everybody involved.


Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin says "it's the beginning of something fun, difficult and maybe even a little scary."


Tammy Baldwin gave the commencement address. A woman known for doing things her way. Not only is she the first woman to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate, but also the first openly gay senator.


Tammy's presenter Catherine Orr says "this Senator, our U.S Senator doesn't shrink from difficult situations, or hide from disagreements or differences of opinion."


Baldwin wants these graduates to understand that respect is earned. Not given.


Baldwin says "you will be told to wait your turn to speak, after all you are new. You will have to work really hard to just make the smallest amount of progress.


She does not want them to enter the real world with any doubt.


Baldwin says "when you've worked and worked just to get to the starting line, it can be hard to know how to take the first step forward. I'm confident you and I (the graduates) can figure it out together."

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