Domestic Violence Deaths, Alarming Stateline Problem

Domestic Violence Deaths, Alarming Stateline Problem

There have been at least five murder-suicides in the stateline, highlighting the need to educate others on domestic violence.

POLO- The victims of an apparent murder-suicide in Polo, Ill are identified, but the deaths highlight an even bigger problem in the Stateline, domestic violence.

Karen Gill, Remedies Domestic Violence Shelter Vice President, says it’s a growing problem and the recent deaths are a view of the tragic end of violence in intimate relationships. At least 5 murder-suicides have been reported in small cities across the Stateline. Gill says residents typically don’t believe it can happen there but she warns the problem is growing.

Just last month she shelter had to turn away nearly 100-victims because there's no space to take them in. Nearly a quarter of Winnebago County's 911-calls are domestic-related. Gill says, many times the victim lacks support and efforts to leave can be met with extreme violence.

"A victim can leave, and can leave safely if the plans are in place, but it's the suddenness of it that sometimes is the straw that breaks the camels back, Gill said."

But gill adds, it's not only up to the victims to put a stop to domestic violence, the culture of violence in the country must change or we'll continue to deal with tragic situations.

"If we had a culture that said absolutely not, no one is allowed to emotionally, physically, sexually abuse their partner, we wouldn't have it, Gill said."

If you know someone in a domestic violence situation, Gill says it's important to offer support to victims, but don't force them to leave, instead offer plans that will help them stay safe.

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