Community Tip Leads To Arrest Of Escapee

Community Tip Leads To Arrest Of Escapee

BELOIT - A man who escaped police custody is now in custody.
UPDATE (11/25/13): Michael Kane was arrested around 12pm Monday.  Police caught up to him in the 1200 block of Tenth Street.  A tip led to his arrest.  He now faces felony escape and theft.

BELOIT -- Police are searching for a prisoner who escaped police custody.

Beloit police could not offer a lot of information at this time other than to say the suspect's name is 40-year-old Michael Kane, that he is at large, and than an active search was underway as of 6pm.  He was brought in for a probation violation, and is not considered to be armed or dangerous.

Scanner traffic says he's wearing camoflage and jeans with his hands cuffed behind his back.

We'll give you more details as they become available.
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