Scarpetta Encouraged About Comeback

Scarpetta Encouraged About Comeback

Former Guilford standout Cody Scarpetta is encouraged about his comeback from Tommy John surgery.
ROCKFORD-Former Guilford pitcher and Brewers minor leaguer Cody Scarpetta is encouraged about his chances of bouncing back from Tommy John surgery. He had the elbow ligament replacement surgery in May of 2012. After sitting out almost a year, Scarpetta resumed pitching in 2013. He had his ups and downs, but that's to be expected the first year back he says. Scarpetta was 0-5 with a 7.15 ERA while pitching for Brevard County, the Brewers high A team in Florida.

Scarpetta looks to others guys like the Cardinals Adam Wainwright, who have gone on to have a lot of success after Tommy John surgery. Wainwright was the NL Cy Young Award winner this season. He led the Cardinals to the National League Championship.

"I actually have used Adam as a reference for my recovery," says Scarpetta to Eyewitness News. "Everything he's been through is the same kind of stuff that I've been through, and I'm glad to see that he's made a comeback, and I'm looking forward to making a run myself."

Scarpetta says the injury and medical care he's received have taught him a lot. "It makes you realize how to take care of your arm correctly. Right now I'm focused mainly on my conditioning of my core and my arm care, so I really try to strengthen my shoulder and make sure that's strong enough to withstand the whole season."

So what have the doctors and trainers told him to expect next year? "They said that this is the year to feel normal. They said from here on out you should feel like you did a few years back, and now it's just time to get the mechanics correct, and your arm right. Everything should be good to go."
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